1. Desire Lowsiders 4:02
  2. The Man Who Laughs 5:09



The Lowsiders are a Psychedelic Garage Rock outfit hailing from Northeast Ohio, where their music is wrought from the concrete and rust of post farmland parking lots and shopping strips, the rattle of coal and salt filled box cars, and the ghosts of rubber and steel.

The rhythm section, featuring Cameron VanDerHorst’s steady backbeat and Eric Cucuz’ nuanced bass work, along with Nathan Edmund’s finger-picking style drive the band as the controlled chaos of Matthew Warner’s guitar fills the ether with haunting reverb and schizophrenic melodies.

The Man Who Laughs


Upcoming Shows

Friday Night Mics at the Aqueduct Brewing Akron, Ohio, USA +
529 Grant St #106
Akron, Ohio 44311
(330) 606-6583

Friday Night Mics!